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Bull Temple

Bull Temple, Bangalore
The Bull Temple is located at Basavangudi, atop 'Bugle hill' in Bangalore. Kempe Gowda, who is known as founder of Bangalore, constructed this temple in a typical Dravadian style. The temple has a mammoth monolithic bull called 'Nandi' which is 4.5m high and 6.5m long. It is believed that the statue keeps on growing in size further and further.

According to a legend, the temple was built in order to appease a vagrant bull that persisted on eating away the entire groundnut grown in the surrounding fields. Ever since the enunciation of Bull temple, the bull never did the same again.

Thankful farmers still hold annual Groundnut Festival (kadalekayi parishe) near temple premises. Farmers offer their first harvest in the month of November-December to the bull as to show their gratitude. The temple is adjacent to that of 'Lord Ganesha with a unique feature. The idol of the deity is made out of 110 kg of butter after every 4 years. Amazingly the butter never melts. After the end of four years, butter is distributed among devotees.

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